About yourself dating profile

I thank you for reading this first and about yourself dating profile as I know you have many who write you. I seek your support or wisdom as both have seemed scarce these days. It has been many years searching for my Juliet and while there have been infatuaties and women I’ve  tried to woo, I’ve yet to find the one destined for me. I have a decent job for this economy and I live in the good side of town in a nice apartment.

For all my life, the biggest fear I’ve had is living a solitary life, serving others but living ultimately alone. I recently saw the collapse of a «Rosaline» type relationship. Juliet, I held her on such a pedestal. I’m often told there are always «more fish in the see» and while that is true, I grow weary of casting the line only to see the bare hook, my attention and gifts nibbled away wiht nothing to show for it. It is true that you can’t buy love and I don’t believe in the idea. I just have a karmic view that if you put out enough good and love into the world, it should, at some point, be returned much like the ocean tide ebbs and flows . It doesn’t recede from the shore, never to be seen again.

It is my hope that I find my Juliet or she finds me soon. While may people dream of fame, fortune or power, I just want to be completed in a way finding my true love can. I don’t want to be that half finished painting that people can only guess what could’ve been. To me, even the little things would seem like a gift.